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The courses offered by the School of Social Sciences aim at imparting and generating knowledge on emerging issues and problems of contemporary society, economy and polity.
The course structure is choice based, flexible and is interdisciplinary. The pedagogy and didactics are interactive and based on field learning. The academic format places great emphasis on student initiative. The evaluation is continuous and grade based. Assignments, tutorials, seminars, projects carry equal weight as semester exams.
At the end of the course, a student would be equipped with analytical skills, social science theoretical knowledge based on empirical and field-based learning. Thus a student with this kind of learning canlook forward to careers in teaching, management, research, policy making, development sector, media and administration.
The School of Social Sciences will have the following programmes for the Academic Year 2014-15:

The School of Social Sciences offers the following programmes:
  1. M.A. (Five-Year integrated programme) in Social Management
  2. M.A. (Two-Year programme) in Society and Development
  3. M.A. (Two-Year programme) in Political Science
  4. M.Phil./Ph.D. in Society and Development
  5. M.Phil.-Ph.D. Studies in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
  6. M.Phil./Ph.D. in Economics
  7. M.Phil./Ph.D. in Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies
  8. M.A. in Social Work (2 years programme)  Brochure