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The Centre for Studies in Social Management (CSSM) was established in Central University of Gujarat to nurture a multidisciplinary approach which integrates disciplines of Social Work, Management and Public Policy embedded in the Social Sciences, for dealing with complex development issues. The Programme commenced in the year 2010-11.

Social Management as a discipline envisages a rigorous teaching and research programme that seeks to impart, understand and develop theoretical and practical knowledge and skills with respect to policy issues. The core idea is to have professionals and researchers who will contribute in innovative and critical ways to the development sector. Given the diverse actors in the policy domain, the Centre provides a platform for dialogue between academia, government, civil society and NGOs at various levels. The areas of research interests of CSSM are:

Governance, Management of Reforms, Social Exclusion, Law and Marginality, Migration, Financial inclusion, Women Empowerment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Police Studies, Criminal Justice Reforms and Institutional Studies.

Objectives of Social Management programmes

  • To develop teaching/training aimed at front-line managers with a concretised social perspective, especially at the grass root levels with a view to provide professional Social Management personnel the developmental sector that straddles the state, market and the civil society.
  • To evolve experimental action programmes and strategies related to development which are innovative and demonstrative of new areas of practice/strategies/service delivery, which can also serve as centres for training and research
  • To undertake research that will contribute to theory building and practice in a multidisciplinary intervention framework.
  • To contribute to policy discussions at various levels, that defines the context for a proper intervention based on the outcomes of field and academic initiatives.
  • To critically introduce the issues of marginal and excluded peoples in the context of the state and market within the framework of rights based empowered perspective.

  • Programmes offered at Centre for Studies in Social Management (CSSM)
    1. 5 years Integrated/Dual Degree (BA Social Management)- (MA Social Management)
    2. PhD Social Management.
    Faculty Profile
    Dr. Sony Kunjappan, Coordinator & Assistant Professor

    Areas of Interest/Specialization:Social work, Law and Governance, Police Studies, Criminology and Human Rights and was a Member, Expert Group to evaluate Social Impact Assessment (SIA) of prposed Marketing Terminal & Approach Road of HPCL at Village Pilol and Asoj of Vadodara.
    Email: sony@cug.ac.in

    Dr. Litty Denis , Assistant Professor

    Areas of Interest/Specialization:Financial Management, Accounting, Microfinance & Corporate Social Responsibility.
    Email: litty.denis@cug.ac.in

    Dr. Sudeep Basu, Assistant Professor

    Areas of Interest/Specialization:Refugee and diaspora studies, Migration and development, Sociology of knowledge, Marginality and social exclusion.
    Email: sbasu@cug.ac.in

    Dr. M. Roja Lakshmi, Assistant Professor (On Contract)

    Email: malia.roja@cug.ac.in

    Centre for Studies in Social Management