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Centre for Studies in Society and Development is anchored to the disciplines of sociology, anthropology and social work in articulating perspectives on development. The Centre aims to generate and disseminate knowledge on theoretical and applied aspects of society and development and the interfaces between them. Its courses introduce and engage with different theoretical formulations and debates concerning local as well as global social development. It tries to analyse different processes, actors, structures and power relations as constructed and contested by the state and different institutions as well. Teaching and research activities in the Centre have been oriented towards contemporary questions pertaining to theoretical and applied dimensions of society. The Centre engages in teaching courses like Theories of Society, Perspectives on Social Development, Research Methodology, Understanding Indian Society - Rural and Urban, Social Stratification, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Human Rights, Marginalisation and Social Exclusion, Political Economy, Globalisation, State and Social Justice, Health and Development, Migration and Diaspora, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship, at both M.A and M.Phil. levels. The pedagogy is based on interactive teaching and reflexive exercise.

Programmes offered at Centre for Studies in Society and Development :
1) M.A. in Society and Development

M.A in Society and Development is a two-year, full time course, consisting of four semesters. The students are mandated to take 16 courses, comprising of both core papers and optional papers. During the vacation the students are encouraged to take up internship programmes with NGOs, research institutions and other institutions working in the area of development.

2) M.Phil.-Ph.D. in Society and Development

M.Phil.-Ph.D. in Society and Development is a full-time, integrated programme. However, before getting promoted to the Ph.D. programme the students are mandated to fulfill the minimum grade points in the M.Phil. course. Students admitted to the programme are required to do two semester course work; followed by one semester dissertation work, which is extendable by another semester (but without fellowship). However, students have to secure minimum grade points in their course work to write their dissertation; and the required to CGPA to proceed further to the Ph.D.

Centre for Studies in Society and Development