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The main objective of the CSEP is to impart quality education/teaching in different branches of economics, and promote theoretical and empirical research on various emerging socio-economic issues that are faced at regional, national and global levels. The Centre would like to contribute to the better policy making aimed at inclusive development and improvement of welfare of people at large. The Centre comprehensively focuses on the areas of regional economic growth and human development, informal sector, employment and wages, public policies, environment, health, industrial research and development, international business, industry studies, and so on. The syllabus of the Centre is innovatively designed to enhance students' learning in theoretical, analytical and empirical knowledge to understand economic behaviours of individuals, firms and economies and to help them contribute to the well-being of the country.

Programmes offered at Centre for Studies in Economics and Planning :
1) M.A. in Economics
2) M.Phil. in Economics
3) Ph.D. in Economics.
Centre for Studies in Economics and Planning