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The Centre was founded in 2009 as the Centre for Internal Security. In 2012, the centre was renamed as Centre for Security Studies (CSS). From the Academic Year 2018-19, the Centre is functioning under the School of National Security Studies. The Centre attempts to impart theoretical, empirical and critical understanding of the changing notions of security encompassing a complex and frequently interconnected set of issues. The Centre's objective is to disseminate the existing knowledge and generate new knowledge, pertaining to issues of security through teaching and research. The centre aims to train new generation of scholars and analysts in security studies and aspires to inculcate much needed interest in the discipline. Courses facilitate the comprehension of complex issues of significance within the broad context of security studies. Two courses on research methodology are intended to equip and train students in the methods and techniques of research, the methodological debates and issues in social sciences, as well as the basic approaches and concepts of analysis.


The School of National Security Studies offers the following academic programmes: -

  • M.A. in Defence and Strategic Studies
  • M.Phil. in Security Studies
  • Ph.D. in Security Studies
  • Concepts, debates and theories relating to security studies
  • Challenges to National Security, International Security and Regional Security
  • European Union, Global Governance
  • Non-Proliferation, Arms Control, Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence
  • India's Defence Policies, Higher Defence Management, Civil-Military Relations
  • Security Issues in India's Neighbourhood
  • Ethnic, Religious and Ideological Conflicts
  • Internal Security, Terrorism, Insurgency, Maoism, ethnic conflicts, Border Management
  • Non-Traditional Security: Energy Security, Environment, Migration, Climate Change, Human Security, Environmental Degradation, Cross-Border Migration
  • Centre for Security Studies