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School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies (SLL&CS) runs post-graduate and research programmes in various subjects related to Humanities such as the study of Indian and foreign languages and comparative study of literatures and cultures. Issues related to gender, caste, race and processes of exclusion and marginalization in society, questions related to migration and identity of diaspora communities form some of the core areas of study in the courses offered by the School. All the programmes are interdisciplinary and innovative in nature and prepare students for employment in teaching, research, print and visual media, administration, publishing, editing and emerging areas such as technical writing and content development.

The programmes offered in the School follow Choice Based Credit System. Attendance in the classroom is compulsory for under-graduate, post-graduate courses as well as the course work of the M.Phil./Ph.D. programme. Class-room lectures are designed to ensure students' participation and involvement. Teachers also use seminars, workshops and films to impart instruction. Students have to submit assignments, projects and papers regularly as part of their coursework. They are also required to make presentations/give seminars on topics related to their subjects. Students' participation in the class-room is given special weightage in evaluation. In each semester there is a mid-semester examination and an end-semester examination. All the centres of the School arrange lectures by learned experts and hold workshops and seminars on new fields/areas of the subject.

The School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies will have the following programmes for the Academic Year 2014-15:
  1. M.A. (Five-Year integrated programme) in German Studies
  2. M.A. (Five-Year integrated programme) in Chinese Language and Culture
  3. M.A. (Two Year Programme) in English
  4. M.A. (Two Year Programme) in Hindi
  5. M.Phil.-Ph.D. in Comparative Literature
  6. M.Phil.-Ph.D. in Hindi Language and Literature
  7. M.Phil.-Ph.D. in Diaspora Studies